Friday, July 29, 2016

An Atlantic Sunset

Sunset pictures are beautiful.

Ocean pictures are beautiful.

Psalm 69:
30 I will praise God's name with song and exalt Him with thanksgiving. 
31 That will please the Lord more than an ox, more than a bull with horns and hooves. 
32 The humble will see it and rejoice. You who seek God, take heart! 
33 For the Lord listens to the needy and does not despise His own who are prisoners. 
34 Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them, 

So that makes pictures of the ocean at sunset extra beautiful!

Walking down to the rocks

Sitting on the rocks to take pictures of the waves crashing on the rocks.

We were at the Atlantic on the Portugal shore near the Fort of São Francisco do Queijo.

The moon rising over the fort
It was a wonderful night - the weather was perfect, the Portuguese were all watching Portugal play soccer on the big screen at the beach so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

The photographers had a great time on the beach taking sunset pictures. 

Here's a picture of one of the photographers taking a picture of another photographer who is setting up a picture of other photographers on the beach.

Here's the picture that was set up. 
Photography by Lisa Kemmer

Pretty cool, huh?

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